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This is our way of saying thank you



This is our way of saying thank you


Our Team

As of now, our team consists of four university students: Amanda, Anna, Mark and Himal.

Amanda is a uni student who has a love affair with writing and books. Currently studying Arts at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Psychology and Linguistics.  She has a thing for cheesy lines and long hugs. She studied English, Legal, Psychology, Methods and Chemistry in VCE. She's an optimist. Always trying to find good quotes to scribble on napkins and empty notebooks. 

Anna is a student who loves to write, spend time with her friends and help people.  She also loves to read but hasn't had time to as of late. In Year 12 she studied Chemistry, Psychology, English, English Language and Specialist Maths, having finished Methods the previous year. Now currently studying Bachelor of Pharmacy at Monash University. Writer and editor of The Quintessential. Chronic procrastinator. Always on social media. Loves her dogs very much. 

Himal is a student who is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. In VCE he completed a total of six year 12 subjects: Business Management, Mathematical Methods (CAS), Specialist Mathematics, Physics, English Language and Chinese. Leisurely, he likes to spend his time going out, often engaging in discussions with talented conversationalists. From a young age, he has always preferred a decent film over a book. Currently, he is very much interested in self-development and is keen on doing all those things he said he would after he finished year 12. 

Mark is a uni student who may know too many random facts for his own good. Currently studying Computer Science at Monash University (Clayton). Completed 5 subjects in VCE: Further Mathematics, History Revolutions, IT Applications, Media and English Language. Enjoys playing music on his flute, piccolo and occasionally his tin whistle. Interests include learning all there is to know, stationery, videos and all things technology. His thoughts on his future can be summed up in the phrase que sera sera, whatever will be will be.

Disclaimer: Our team attained atars over 90.00. However, those 4 digits cannot quantify our passion for writing moderately humourous articles that are (hopefully) useful to you. 

Besides, we have experienced the highs, lows and everything inbetween of VCE. So, we are well equipped with mistakes, experiences and wisdom.

Our Purpose

We want to share our valuable life-lessons that we have learnt in hopes that you can gain something from them. We also want to keep students constantly motivated and willing to do their best in their education system by providing them with strategies and techniques applicable to their schooling life. 

So far, we have thoroughly enjoyed our high school life and this is a way of us saying thank you.

We hope you can take the time to browse our website, leave likes & comments and spend time reflecting on how some of the articles that are written by our team and guest writers can benefit you!

Happy reading!

- The T.Q Team