Ah yes, time-management and organisational skills. What a lackadaisical topic. Yet it is an issue for many high school and university students. (Even adults in suits, carrying briefcases) *winks*

 In this day and age of technological based distractions, finding ample time to do the things we love as well as to revise and consolidate material of all subjects is already difficult. In addition, we need to attend to our physical and mental health.

So, you’re not alone, it’s okay. 
*deep breaths* 

PROBLEM: We procrastinate on anything and everything. 

Let’s talk about the the phone as a prime example. Snapchat, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram are great social media platforms. However, all of them have a wondrous and addicting nature that kills off a degree of our productivity. Or degrees.

Yeah, I think it’s plural. 

Focus Now

This is a brilliant app that literally grows your productivity. Through the idea of growing trees and whimsical little garden which bloom as long as you do not exit the app. If you do, you are a savage plant killer. 

Furthermore, you can tailor the time you wish to work for. You can work in 15 or 50 minute blocks. I guess, the true beauty of the app is that you are in control of your day and the time. It is a highly satisfying feeling to be in control of your situation. Well, studying situation!
If you start feeling that antsy, nervous feeling that you are not reading messages or replying to  texts, you will be swiftly deterred by the uplifting message at the bottom of your seedling! 

“Love me. Love your work.” 
“ I grow. You grow.” 
“I will be killed if you play phone.” 
"Pls. Don’t stare at me. I am shy.” 
Do you want to be a savage plant killer?! 

In terms of motivating us to actually adjust to the rigidity of time-tables, first write down a NOT-TO-DO list. Yes, you heard me. 
Write down everything you need to stop doing, or anything that hinders your productivity. 

Mine looks like this: 
Stop daydreaming. 
Cease from watching so much youtube. 
Stop daydreaming. ( I lose concentration by thinking of possible scenarios that will never happen.) 
Stop watching “MAC lipstick swatches” on youtube. 

You want an inky mess of every single assignment you need to complete. 
Although, you haven’t started on it, getting out that huge pile of work clouding your thoughts and out of your system is healthy. 
Besides, that piece of paper bearing all the things needing to be done will hold you accountable.

Another tip is 

don’t break the chain. 



Yes that’s all the hours in the day we have, and that is all we are ever going to get. 

Deactivate your Facebook. 
Or switch off the internet for 2 hours so you can get that assignment done once and for all.

These are all methods and tips I have used to benefit my studies, so I hope y'all find it helpful! 

Let me know what works for YOU down in the comments! 

Written by Amanda ♡