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The Importance of Goal Setting

There is an infinite potential for anyone to be successful. However, if we want to achieve greatness, goals are necessary. You could also say they act as a map towards achieving success and greatness.

How to set goals:

Various leadership and self-development workshops categorise goals in different ways so we are going to choose a structure that is easy to understand and apply to your life!

Goals can be divided into two categories, intermediate and ultimate (your final goal).

Intermediate goals:

1.       Immediate goals (Days/Weeks/Months)

These goals are based around what we want to achieve within a day, week and month.

2.       Short-term goals (1-4 years)

Although this may seem like a huge gap in comparison to immediate goals, in this subsection, the goals are more important to us. Your immediate goals should be setting you up to achieve your immediate goals.

3.       Long-term goals (5-10+ years)

This category is often hard to set goals whilst you are a young teenager, however it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set any. Your short term goals, should lead to you to achieving these long-term goals you set.

The ultimate goal

As our views of our lives and what we want to do in the future often change, the ‘ultimate goal’ is often hard to set. In essence, it is a goal that you, yourself set, but is pretty much impossible for you to achieve. You may ask, “What is the point in setting a goal you cannot reach?” Well, the purpose of this goal is to ensure that you essentially become a better person than you were the day before; you will never stop not improving and growing mentally.

The higher your goals, the more your ability and strength will increase. With each action, you are growing.  With practice and consistent achievement of your immediate, short-term and long-term goals (in that order); you’ll find that you are much more capable of achieving greater things than you ever thought you could.

Hopefully this has given you an insight on what you can do to be your best and achieve what you want in the next few years or even decades!

~ Post Written by Himal 


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