It is 9 pm on a Tuesday night and you are struggling to maintain some degree of focus (or any focus at all) on the seemingly mundane work staring right back at you. Whether it is your half-completed essay for English or maths questions, everything is blurry. All you want to do is sleep. Slash go on tumblr/ facebook/twitter/instagram. Guilty of procrastinating through any of those addictive social media platforms? 

Raise your hand or give an imperceptible nod. 

(I'll be completely honest, I have both hands up and I am shaking my head vigorously.)

A brilliant and fool-proof solution to dreaded procrastination has yet to be found. 

So, before we even get to that stage of self-induced laziness, let's talk about motivation to study.

Just do it.

Or is it that simple? 

First, write down 3 goals that are most important to you. Ultimately, the vision of your future self is going to be your anchor when you start feeling like giving up.

Now, getting all misty-eyed at the infinite possibilities of the future is not going to move you forward. We need to talk about the physical aspect of studying. 

To sit at your desk, put your head down and write, read and memorise your notes for 2-3 hours, to be in that bubble of concentration takes discipline and effort.

The first step to create that sense of discipline is to be realistic.

Studying entails no day-dreaming, definitely no logging into Facebook. It is you and your notes, textbooks. Do not try and kid yourself that you did 3 hours of 'study' but you went onto Instagram, Facebook over 10 times as well as play on the new Snapchat update for 20 minutes.

Be honest and say: OK-ay! I need to do *insert your assignments causing you a great deal of stress* hence, I'll switch off my phone and all my distractions.

See the pattern going on here: It is YOU who can make the motivation. The power is at your fingertips.

But as fabulous as we all are, sometimes a little external inspiration can help too.

1. Create a poster wall of quotes, pictures of your favourite humans on this planet in your study area. Who do wish to be the most proud of you and your achievements?

 Not only is making this poster wall immense fun, you have no excuse to feel lackluster whilst studying if your eyes meet with the Steve Jobs. Conversely, when you read over the wise words of Mark Twain:  "The secret to getting ahead is getting started." Or if you see a picture of Beyonce cheering you on.

You are going to be invigorated and filled with zeal to get your work done. 

2. Make to-do lists. Write everything you need to do, accompanied by tick-boxes. 

3. Reward yourself.. Have chocolate, write, read, paint, play soccer, *insert things you absolutely adore*


You are not just studying for your future. 

You are studying to save those patients. 

You are studying to save that family's mother from a lengthy jail sentence. 

You are studying to teach us all.

You are studying to improve global communication. 

You are studying so we learn from the past. 

You are studying to improve the environment. 

You are studying so technology progresses. 

Your decision to study will change the world.

Written by Amanda ♡