Almost everyone at some point during their schooling life, will lack the motivation to do homework and or study. At these points it is motivation that we are seeking if we indeed want to be successful. However, there is also another strategy that incorporates motivation as a benefit.

Inspiration is a concept that is often viewed as distinctly different from motivation when in fact, they are more or less one and the same thing. Motivation is a benefit of inspiration. Once you have a good inspiration, you’ll no doubt have the motivation and drive to do. “When you have that drive, then the future is whatever you want it to be.” - Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. In essence, your drive determines your future. 

So where can you get your sources of inspiration?

Sources of inspiration can be either tangible or intangible. For instance, a teacher may be inspired by another teacher that is better than them who is working in the same field. A student may be inspired by the incentive that one day they’ll be done with schooling and finally out in the workforce or a aspiring doctor may be inspired by the want to help people. Whatever the source of inspiration, these desires are key to acquiring drive and motivation to do.

A few strategies:

Find what motivates you. e.g. competition, want to help people, financial incentive

Find someone to idolise

Compete against yourself (Want to do better than before)

Personally, I believe that the most simplistic way to find a source of inspiration is to idolise people that are better and more successful than you. In doing so, you have physical proof that there is someone doing better than you that you can ‘compete’ against. If they work hard, you'll also find yourself working just as hard as them. What they accomplish subconsciously becomes what you also want to achieve and thus, you have your motivation. 

Your achievements will be a result of your hard work.

Your achievements will be a result of your hard work.

There’s a fine line between admiration and jealousy and often the feeling of jealousy arises from the feeling of being inadequate i.e. not good enough. It would be best in this situation to turn your jealousy into admiration by being aware of not only their achievements, but your achievements as well so you yourself feel content but simultaneously know that you can always do better.


- Post Written by Himal