As many of us have learnt from studying Business Management, productivity is simply defined as, ‘more output from less input’. In the context of school, it may be also known as, ‘quality over quantity’.

lot of the times, when we aren’t productive is when we feel we are not doing enough tasks (e.g. homework/study) within a given time frame. Often, we are either interrupted by an unexpected task that needs to be done and we drop whatever we are doing and attend to it immediately. This is a major factor that significantly reduces our productivity but a lot of the times, we can’t help it if it is absolutely urgent.

However, more commonly, it is our own choices that lead to us being unproductive. For example, a lot of the times when we are studying, we give in to distractions such as Facebook or Snapchat and in doing so, we significantly extend the time we spend doing our work. We are simply doing too many things at the same time. Yes, multitasking is possible, but when we focus on just a single task; our productivity and quality of work increases. This is evident in the classic student scenario where the student is at home and takes approximately three hours to write an essay where they could have done it in just one if they weren’t on Facebook. Distractions are often a major cause for us spending a lot more time completing a task than we need to.

Time is of the essence! Especially in year 12.

Time is of the essence! Especially in year 12.

What we all want is to complete whatever tasks we have to do in the least amount of time possible, i.e. more output from less input.

So what can you do to increase your productivity?


Here are a few tips:

1. Turn off your electronic devices

this ensures you aren’t tempted to quickly check your social networks

2. Tell a friend/teacher/parent what you are going to complete today

In doing so, you are now held accountable and more likely to keep your word.

3. Prioritise

Do the most important tasks first and the least important last, just in case you are interrupted by something or someone that needs to be attended to urgently.

4. Time yourself

If you have a lot to do, then time yourself per task.

You should always remember to try and ensure quality of your work and not just complete a task quickly because it may end up being of poor quality.

5. Create study time table

This only works for some people but it can help you get into a routine and be organised

~ Post written by Himal