Now that I have graduated from high school, I have a a truckload of free time. Since my legal exam ended, I watched an unhealthy amount of movies and youtube videos.  However, one thing that has occurred to me is that: 

Life goes on. 

I was under the seemingly ever-lasting impression that on the 14th December, I would experience something life-changing or something relatively melodramatic. 2 weeks before that fateful Monday morning, I would go around the house saying "On the 14th December, my fate is decided." or

"I am going to dieeeeeee."

It really is not. Neither is it portentous nor I am trying to trivalize the importance of atars.

It's just that throughout the year, I could not see past the days of my exams or the 14th December. All the things I wanted to do was envisioned POST exams. 

  1. Know this: You have just as much time and days as a student who will have attain a study score of 50 or 18. What I am trying to convey is that at this point, everyone has relatively the same amount of time to prepare. 
  2. VCE is not a dramatic, soul-destructing experience where every single sac is doomsday. 

False!! Pop these bubbles of thoughts- "It is going to be so hard, that I would cry my eyeballs out and  stress will leak out." 

{It's okay to have breakdowns, to cry, to feel a spectrum of emotions that didn't exist before. But you have to believe in yourself.} 

Rather, think "How can I make this easier, for myself in 2 weeks, in 6 months time?" 


3. Stress is caused by being here but wanting to be there. 

 Cut the excuses. 

4. Make time for doing things you truly enjoy. 

  • That cheesy Saturday Night movie. Go on
  • Netflix binge with some chill... chilled lemonade. Or whatever your favourite drink is. 
  • Cooking a cheese cake or microwave cake. 
  • Reading your favourite comic book
  • Tennis, soccer, footy, basketball, gym??

5. Do your best.

It is only up to you to decide where your limits lie and where you want to continue. Never have you been in a position to truly change your future. 

6. I have seen so many posts where people say VCAA is a monolithic tyrant with no regard for students' aptitude. 

Okay. Don't like the scaling system, or the system in its entirety? Play the system and show them what you've got. 

7. Practice exams. You can literally start in Feb after every week of lessons. 

8. No, your atar is not everything. 4 digits does not begin to cover what a great human being you are. 

9. Effort will never betray you. 


Written by: 

Amanda ♡