Ah. Year 7 is a time of naivety, wide-eyed innocence and growth.


To our year 7 friends who have just begun a 6-year journey, the team and I have a few words for you, you and you! 

1.   Say 'Hi' to the person sitting next to you!  

As someone who used to be afraid of putting her hand up in class, I am too familiar with nervousness, anxiousness and butterflies.

However, it is important to remember that the girl or boy sitting next to you are just as nervous as you are! 

Both of you guys would be thinking "How do I say Hi?" Tossing up between that understated 'Hey' or Hello. It’s okay, don’t overthink it!

If you are super outgoing, be the first one to spark up a conversation! Just because someone is shy does not mean they don't wish to talk to you! 

2.   If you see a classmate sitting alone during class, recess or lunchtime, invite them to join you! 

I remember how all it took was for me to say "Hey *her name*! Want to play cards with us?" (Funnily enough, we didn't play cards. We just hanged out.) 6 years later from that spur of the moment 'Hello', we are still great friends! 

3.   Be brave.

I know it can be hard sometimes, being in a completely foreign environment. (Everything is so different; snack time is now known as 'recess', the chairs and tables feel rather uncomfortable, the Year 12s look too big and rather scary.) I can assure you Year 12s are not scary, they are just tall. You should know that it takes time for you to get used to your new environment.

You should also know that you can make your opportunities.

Set yourself up with goals and aspirations!

Work towards them, slowly but surely, you will reach it. 

Find a smidgen of braveness and dash of boldness. It will grow eventually, just like you! Take advantage of each opportunity that comes your way. 

So, things like table-tennis, volleyball, footy, soccer team! If you want to give a go or you're a seasoned pro, sign up with your friends! 

Audition for the school production!

If you have a budding passion for helping others and creating change, talk to your Year level co-ordinator about available leadership positions! 

Learn a new instrument you've always envisioned yourself playing!

You want to sing like Beyonce? Speak to your music teacher. 

You can do it! 


4.   Be kind. 

Teasing or making fun of other classmates for one's entertainment is absolutely unacceptable. 


So, if you do see a friend, a classmate being teased or treated in a manner you wouldn't want to be treated, stand up for him or her. Alternatively, you can speak to your teachers about it. 


Some wisdom from the Team:

Himal says "Don't take year 7 too seriously, make friends and mess around a bit." (within reason)

Anna would like you to know this: 

"Try out everything your school has to offer (like any clubs, production, music, academic competitions etc.), just make the most of it while you have the time."

Mark says "Don't be afraid, make friends, mess around and have fun - and try not to think about what everyone thinks is cool, just do what you want”.

Amanda would like to say this: 

5.   You're a brilliant ray of sunshine, with so much potential to learn and offer. So, show everyone how golden you are, ok? 

Written by: Amanda ♡