I’ll be honest. I began writing this article at around 2am on a Saturday morning because I felt inspired, however knowing what this topic could entail, I could mention multiple things and discuss them forever but this will be it just it for now.

We all know or know of someone who inspires us and we admire. We see their success and chase it but often lack the unwavering determination and back out when our willpower is not enough.

We see the product, that distinguished and intelligent person with an unmatchable work ethic and we see it as special and EXTRAordinary. However, our ability to match or exceed their success seems to us sometimes impossible or too much of an effort.

If you try for it with no intention of actually reaching the end, why would you try in the first place?

We see and hear all these stories of famous and successful people, some may be our friends or family and we sometimes think the things they do is outrageous. Outrageous because it is not ordinary. Take Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson for example, we see someone who is ripped, tall and loving because of his Colgate smile. We essentially see the effect of all his hard work and effort. We know what’s on the surface of The Rock, but did you know that he wakes up at 4 sometimes 3am to go to the gym and work out? From there he heads off to work and sleeps late and on top of all this he has a daughter to take care of. We want to be like him, we want to live like him but do we want to do what he did so he got to where he is today? Often, we are too fixated on the flame rather than the foundation of the fire.

Some of us inspired and motivated individuals wish to live life with a lot of success in all areas like family and school and so on. We know and hear of people who are spitting images of what we want to be, but more often than not we would rather sleep. Perhaps chat to our friends on Facebook or Tweet about how amazing or terrible your day is. That can be considered to be ordinary. Standard protocol. If I were to write a book on how to be a normal and an ordinary human being I would include such things like, wake up at 8am, go to work/school, chill out, social media etc. That person may still think of being successful and having a lot of money, but they don’t get it because they continue to live an ‘ordinary life’. They have their 8 hours of sleep a night, they go to school or work 9-5 and they kill time on social media. ORDINARY. ORDINARY. ORDINARY. ORDINARY. It might be appealing to some but not others.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a simple and relaxed lifestyle. If you do so wish to have one.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a simple and relaxed lifestyle. If you do so wish to have one.


So how do we do, be, live EXTRAordinary? There are two things you should know. What you are going to be in the future do and how you are going to get there. You should also realise that whatever you do now, right now, in your schooling life, could determine how well-off you will be in the future. For instance, I know some teachers who continuously emphasise that the ATAR isn’t everything and consistently say, ‘There’s always other ways to get into that course.’. I believe this is completely true but in my opinion it’s BS. What’s not explained is how much or longer these other ways will cost or take respectively. Your current present is a product of your past experiences. You could argue that Bill Gates and others dropped out of their education, but I don’t think they chilled out though… Bill Gates might have and just founded Microsoft just like that. But who am I to tell you what he did? Know who you want to be in the future and how you are going to get there. You have to be so sure that you want that and that only. You also have to be absolutely prepared to do something when you don’t even want to do it. That’s will be the difference between you and the guy or girl sitting next to you in class.

Will you do today what the others won’t do tomorrow, so that you accomplish what the they can’t? If you think I liked waking up at 4am to study for exams, then you are wrong. I didn’t like that. I LOVED sleep, in fact I still love it but I needed some space. I was in a relationship with it but I wanted success more.


Are you going to be ordinary and mediocre? Or are you going to be Extraordinary? Make your choice.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
— Marianne Williamson


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