Disclaimer: Everyone has their own disposition. 

Some people are naturally sunny and ridiculously cheerful. Others are more reserved with their feelings, they may be more introverted but on the inside, they are a wonderland of thoughts and individuality. I think all of us are like that, regardless of what 'personality type' you got from an online quiz. 

The beauty of human nature is that it possesses an infinity’s worth of emotions. We all have different degrees of outgoingness and introverted characteristics.   

I think we all possess a myriad of idiosyncrasies and little habits. 

Ones that we tell new friends as unseeingly quirky icebreaker. And some strange habits we will never disclose. 

i.e) Before leaving my bedroom for school or the day, I would hug my teddy bear. Which is either born out of ridiculous habit or my attachment to being a kid. Ah, the innocence of a different era of youth. 

Anyway, you won’t tell anyone about that, yes? 



Optimism is defined as the ‘hopefulness and confidence about the future or success of something.’ 

This noun is synonymous with cheerfulness, positiveness, confidence and hope. However, I find that describing personalities with a constellation of syllables can be terribly reductive and insulting to a person’s multifaceted character. 

1. You do not necessarily need to adopt a happy-go-lucky personality to be optimistic. 

Optimism is simply a mindset; a different looking glass of the world and situations you are in! 

2. Try to stop harbouring ill-mannered thoughts and dwelling on horribly bitter parts of your past. 

I emphasise the word ‘try’ here. The idea of goals and attaining them does inspire a sense of motivation and drive within us. However, those motivation books and websites never really focus on what happens if you do not attain that standard you have set. Us endearingly narcissistic beings, we never like to be associated with feelings of inadequacy, failure and disappointment. Let me tell you a little tidbit, come closer! 

Those emotions are what will push you even further.

We need not devalue the importance of negative feelings, once we can accept them as the other half equation of the paradox: half glass empty or full, contentment and a sense of happiness will come as well. 

3. Be realistic. 

Whether it is to do with getting notes done on all five subjects in two days or doing a full-blown text response every school nights, you gotta keep it real. ;) 

On Saturday morning, I installed Momentum which says Good morning *insert your name here* and asks you ‘What’s your main focus today?’ I typed in 'Finish everything on my list.' I blatantly ignored the fact that my list is a page long. I knew I would not be able to tick this box. So, I backspaced and typed in ‘Finish psych notes.’ Then I came to the realisation that I had four lectures worth of content to review and research further. 

And pressed the backspace button yet again and typed Finish neuron notes. The first topic I needed to go over. 

In the end, I managed to finish my psych work by breaking it down! 

 I love this chrome extension, and its modern aesthetic makes you feel super put together, exuding that ’nothing can faze me’ vibe. In reality, I was in my superwoman PJ pants and old sweatshirt sitting at my extremely cluttered and messy desk. 

It is all about mindset.

There are days in the week and months that you feel like literal sunshine. On other days, you feel angry, ill-tempered, angsty and cynical. And those days that are so *beep beep beep* - insert appropriate profanity- that any polite words to describe them will only be romanticising those awful feelings. 

We have all been there in those bad days, but we will always find a way out of them.