You would’ve heard multiple definitions of what success is. A few examples include:

-       Achievement of a goal (i.e. Getting what you want)

-       Progress towards a goal

-       Having a sense of fulfilment


All these various definitions are what different people define success for them to be. But can you be successful when you’ve achieved a goal but you cheated? For instance, you got an A on a Maths test but you cheated? Is that still success? What if you achieved something but it required essentially no effort from you? Is that success as well?

Let’s start at what success is ideally meant to encompass.


To put it simply, success involves achievement aka getting what you want.

That is the baseline, the first thing we would think of.

However, there are different aspects to this. Keep on reading and you’ll find out what I mean!


Goals that are achieved by righteous means are ones that you are proud of and willing to share with your friends. You will tell your friends or more so your parents that you got an A on a maths test, but you won’t tell them that you cheated.
To an extent you will get a sense of fulfilment but you won’t be as fulfilled if you did the whole test or task by YOURSELF. When you’ve done it alone or even with a bit of assistance you feel like ‘you’ve’ done it and so you have a greater sense of satisfaction than you would without.


To put it blatantly, if you’ve achieved something that didn’t involve a degree of transformation then you didn’t necessarily achieve a goal. You’re not necessarily successful as sad as it sounds. For example, would you call yourself successful when you get to school on time? Maybe if you rarely do, but if you’re consistently getting to school at 9 o’clock on the dot – it wouldn’t be a success to you. You’ve done it so often, it’s not worth the label of being a ‘successful achievement’.

Success comes when there is a presence of some sort of transformation within you.

You’ve changed as a result of doing something.

So what definition of success can there be that encompasses all of the other definitions and is essentially flawless?

Success: The achievement of a goal by righteous means that involves a level of transformation within an individual.