Pay attention. What I am about to tell you in brutally honest respect is a secret technique I learnt in high school. Well, I didn’t really learn it – a close friend of mine pointed it out to me when I was in year 11. Never mind that, but the point is; the information classically woven in the article may or may not be breaking the rules.

A while back, I had a conversation with one of my friends and she was talking about the accessories other than school uniform that I wore to school. She told me she couldn’t and no one else could because I just happen to get away with everything.

What she meant by this was that, I had a slight little bit of leeway with a few things at school. I was one of the few people in school who wouldn’t get called out for wearing incorrect uniform, talking in a particular manner and other things like that.


It started year 7 off pretty well. I was pretty studious alongside with one of my friends and the teachers genuinely liked the effort we were putting into our learning. As a result we ended up on their good side. There was a mutual respect between us and the teachers. We also expressed genuine interest in their life; occasionally switching the topic from about US (students) to about THEM (teachers). You could say, we became ‘friends’ but I think we just reduced our social distance and established more of a closer mentor and student relationship.


This carried on throughout all my high school years. It was noticed that whenever I wore black socks instead of white socks, or I wore a T-shirt underneath my polo because it was cold, or because I wore scarfs, gloves and beanies, I had a bit of leeway with it because I was on the teachers' good side. From being on their good side, they sort of brushed off small things like that because they knew we didn't have ill intent. Our purpose wasn't to be rebellious or make a statement. We still wore our school uniforms proudly.

The whole point of this article is not to tell you to break rules but in fact to encourage you to follow them, respect your elders and class mates. That respect catches up with you in the later years. Many people will break the rules simply because they want to make a statement and be rebellious and thus they get on the bad side of the teachers and end up getting suspended, having detentions, getting kept in when the bell has rung. I know it's so hard to follow rules and wear school uniform, but it's not that hard to hold out for a couple of years until you get to uni, or other pathway where you can wear whatever you want. 


BTW, THIS IS NOT AN ENCOURAGEMENT TO RESPECT EVERYONE JUST SO YOU CAN BREAK THE RULES LATER. If this however is the reason, then I won’t stop you. If it so happens to make you a better person anyway and become more respectful anyway, then I guess it's fair enough.


Love & Respect,


Your bad, bad boy,