Himal’s Uni Experience:


In our previous article, Anna mentioned how the university lecturers and tutors progressed through the content fairly easily during the first week. This was an unforgiving attack at our egos giving us a false expectation that we could easily ‘smash’ uni. The jump from the first week of uni to the second is like the jump from year 11 to year 12.


I’m currently at the University of Melbourne studying commerce. I find the course particularly difficult as I haven’t done any subjects in relation to it in VCE. It’s a whole new type of thinking and took some time and still is taking some time to get used to the theories and ideas within commerce. The only subject I would say that has helped me with commerce is Methods probability. It provided me with a foundation for one of my subjects, Quantitative methods (business statistics) but regardless of this the subject is still fairly difficult. It sounds dry which it completely is, but the rest of commerce isn’t too heavy. My other subjects have their variations in content and so they provide my studying time with a bit of diversity so it isn’t the same stuff over and over again.


It is very easy to fall behind in Uni and if you do, you’re most likely almost definitely not the only one. As far as I know, everyone I’ve spoken to are behind in all subjects or in just a few. However, if everyone is behind, no one is – you shouldn’t stress too much but you should make as much effort to catch up and ultimately, stay ahead.


Having an extroverted, outgoing personality, I didn’t find it very difficult to make friends. I figured everyone was in the same boat anyway and thus, decided to invest time and energy in to making friends. Surprisingly, I didn’t walk around uni feeling like I don’t belong to some sort of community. Also, there is the party scene where you can also make 'friends' if you're into that kind of stuff, which I'm not (Cross my heart). Assuming you're 18, there's a party going on almost every night you can think of and it's a good atmosphere to let loose; take a break from studying or even just to have fun. 

The first time I made friends was actually when I was lining up for commerce camp tickets. I stood in line for about 3 and a half hours to get tickets and in that time I was just talking to a few people behind me. We talked about our highschool, where we each one of us are from; very general sort of topics. It was a real shame I didn’t get any tickets to commerce camp after waiting in line for so long but at least I made about five friends. One of which I sometimes stay over with as he lives a 2min walk away from uni. Making friends in uni is not difficult in my perspective. You just have to put effort into meeting new people and continuously keep up conversation with them by talking about their interests and showing genuine care in what they have to say.


Overall, Uni lyf is a good lyf. I’m a lot more independent not only because I want to be but also because the environment forces me to. No one is constantly giving me reminders telling me when things are due, whether or not I should go to consultations and so on a so fourth. Personally, I enjoy the freedom of uni and ability to actually study what I’m interested in. I find that in uni compared to year 12, I now study because I want to not because I have to. By the way, really cool thing about uni, you don’t have to wear uniform. You could potentially rock up in a suit or pyjamas and no one really cares. 

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