It’s a love-hate relationship that always need work. ;) The process of attempting to enjoy a difficult subject is temperamental, feisty but it is nothing you cannot handle! 

There is that one subject you absolutely loath with an all-consuming passion. Inevitably, you leave the assignments and study for it at the very last minute. And the stress cycle begins again. It ain’t good and we got to do something about it. 

Aw man, think of it this way, that subject needs a little affection from you. So, give them some attention! To be brutally honest with you, I also need to be reminded of the following advice I am going to list below.

So, you and I, we are in this together. 

Let’s go! 


  1. Ask yourself ‘Why do I hate this subject?’ 

Is it the teacher? 

You choosing this class on a whim. (Please try not to do this in VCE. Refrain from selecting a subject that your number 1 bae/best friend is doing.) 

“I am totally and utterly incompetent in the subject.” 

Nothing is making sense. The content does not gel with the inner workings of my brain. When I open the textbook to study the subject, it is as if the neuronal pathways and fibres are shot. 

If you can give valid and rational justification for your loathing, you are halfway there in fixing this issue. 

2. Talk to your teacher. Right after a particularly mind-numbing class. Mr/Miss, may I speak to you about something? 

For example, I did Methods 3/4 last year and it was an uphill struggle. For the first 3 months or so, I thought it is normal, Maths had never been my strongest subject. In essence, I did not want to believe I was struggling. 

Denial is a terrible thing, a universal feeling that afflicts everyone. In a psychological context, denial is an unhealthy emotional-based approach to deal with stress. 

It does not alleviate the tension and stress you experience. 

 When one particularly terrible sac score came back, I burst out in tears in front of my teacher. - She is an angel who is wonderfully honest and taught me ways on how to best study for Methods. 

It was not my finest moment however, the honest and straightforward conversation that ensued lifted a weight off my shoulders. I told my teacher straight-out ‘I am struggling with the content. What should I do?’ 

Going off a slight tangent here: In VCE, you are not expected to be perfect. Yes, you should have a relatively mature mindset approach and seriousness to studying. However, it is completely and utterly okay to make blunders. As long as you deal with them cleverly and healthily. 

3. Admit to yourself that this situation (struggling/hating the subject) is not remotely conducive for your learning and time.)

Refer back to dot point 2. Talk to your teacher. You can tell them (gently) you find the subject boring and mind-numbing. Believe me, your teacher will not get offended, they will ask why and how they can help. 

In my case, I knew I needed additional help so I found a fourth year uni tutor who aced Methods and Specialist back in his day. Brilliant tutors make the subject inviting and fun and this guy did exactly that! 

After speaking to my teacher and having a tutor, I enjoyed Maths so much more. In the weeks approaching the VCE exam period, my favourite exam papers to do were Methods. 

I’ll be honest with you, (damn, I am telling you all of my secrets) I scored averagely in Methods. But the experience of learning standard deviations, probability, inverse functions and solving Tasmania Jones questions made up for my score. 

I KID YOU NOT, I have become oddly fond of those memories. The struggle and initial frustration I had with Methods was only a learning curve. 

4. If it is a motivation thing... 

Most of the time students tend to approach a seemingly daunting subject with great apprehension and an unhealthy dosage of negativity. 

I am feeling that way towards one of my uni assignments. But I am going to BANISH those ridiculous feelings and thoughts. 

Thus, the only way to alleviate the stress and doubt is to work at it. 

Try to understand the content, make notes, mind maps. Go crazy with your coloured markers and gel pens. Watch videos online *cough* Khan Academy & Crash Course.

Ask your teacher if you could create a study group after school under their supervision. 

In Year 11 and 12, my chemistry teachers ran a Chem study group every Thursday after school. It was brilliant. 

Hard work is exactly what it is. 

There's No frills,really. 

Now I gotta get back to my assignment, it is due Friday! 

And I believe you guys have holiday homework. ;) 

Talk soon,

Amanda ♡