The clock is ticking, eight minutes past 12 and you haven’t even started your study for the SAC/Test that you have the next morning. At this point, I don’t think anything will save you but you might as well cram and attempt to at least pass.


'Pomodoro' is Italian for tomato

'Pomodoro' is Italian for tomato

The Pomodoro Technique is generally used for studying in general. Founded by Francesco Cirillo, the Pomodoro Technique is an effective way to break down your study in to easily manageable 25min slots. It is mostly aimed at those who find it hard to study for long periods of time such as one or two hours.


The technique is as follows:


25min study interval with a 10-15min break between each interval.


Each 25min interval is called a Pomodoro. If you have a homework task or a study task that requires extended periods of concentration, it is recommended that you do 2 Pomodoros back to back so you have a study interval of 50min. In the 10-15 min break, it is best to get your body moving so when you start the next Pomodoro you are somewhat energized and focused. As a result, you will absorb a lot more of the material you are studying. 




-Himal :)