"Seriously? Don't we just need to find a place where we can do some work and be done with it?" 

That's what you might be thinking right now, that as long as the work gets done then everything will fall into place, right? But no, how you get the work done is quite important too. There is a difference between slaving away day and night to get your essay done compared to doing everything that you want in a short concentrated period of time. And seriously, where you study will impact this..

"Alright then, convince me. What makes where you study so important?"

First thing's first, who you study with will be one of the biggest factors to you getting work done. If your friends distract you and keep talking to you then there's no point in actually studying. So really, if you go out with your friends to study at the city and take a 'break' that lasts several hours, then there really was no point in studying. If you do study with your friends, make sure you are all concentrated and ready to work.

"But that's not actually about where I study, "

Alright smarty pants, here's some facts. You should know that where you study will actually affect how you feel when studying. Studies show that the type of lighting around you affects your energy levels. When you are exposed to more artificial and dim lights then you are more likely to be sleepy as compared to bright natural lighting. So hey, maybe it's time to open those curtains and stop being such a vampire.

"Ahh I get it, the way we light our surroundings affects us, anything else?"

Yeah, you should know that our productivity and the amount of mistakes we make are affected by the temperature of where you're studying. Seriously, studies show that colder temperatures sap our concentration because our energy is being spent on trying to keep warm. So it might be time to turn up the temperature, and hey it affects your happiness levels too.

"So, where do I actually study?"

It all really depends on how you work as a person. Many decide to work at home in their desks, or in quiet libraries or in cafes. Try it out and see what affects you. Here's some popular places to study:

  • Study rooms

  • Libraries

  • Cafes

  • School common rooms

From what we've seen before, make sure they're warm enough with ample lighting, preferably from natural sources.

Just make sure to not study in your bed; this is probably the worst place to study. You cannot write notes effectively, and you are just way too prone to slack off by taking a 'quick' nap.

"I think I've got it, anything else I should know?"

An interesting study found that the way our desks are set up actually affects how productive or creative we were. It was found that how messy our workspace was contributed to whether we were creative. Geniuses such as Albert Einstein, Mark Twain and Steve Jobs had infamously messy desks, and the study suggests that this 'organised' mess led to them creating new ideas. Whereas a cleaner desk leads to more established ideas but in a much more efficient manner.

This was Einstein's desk

This was Einstein's desk

So take from that what you will. I'm not endorsing any extremely messy desks just for the reason that 'geniuses had messy desks', but hey if it works for you - then I'm not stopping you.

- Mark