When we’ve been given advice, when we’ve started something new and feel slightly fearful, I’d assume most of us would have heard the phrase, ‘have an open-mind.’ Open-mindedness, in my opinion, would refer to the act of considering and being attentive to topics that are being explored. Not having an open-mind would mean shutting off any possible learning experiences that could take place talking about a particular subject within a classroom or even just in general.

I suppose the whole aim of this article is explain to you, the benefits of having an open-mind as opposed to one that is closed.

An Open Mindset

I’m going to suggest that, having an open-mindset would allow you to unlock multiple perspectives. For instance, you might find yourself in a classroom where your teacher is discussing about a topic that you are uninterested in. An open attitude to the material being discussed would encourage you to suss-out how the lesson can help you in school, in extra-curricular or leisure activities, etc. Having an open mindset would automatically call upon your skills and other characteristics unique to you. Allowing you to make the most of that particular situation.


However, open mindsets can also be negative. An open mindset con for example could be deciding on what course to do in Uni or even what university to go to – it can leave you with too many options. Often when you have too many options, it leads to stress which can then lead to late decision making or even no decision making at all.

A Closed Mindset

With a closed mindset, it allows you to be very comfortable and almost relaxed. As a result, it also stunts personal growth as you’d end up viewing a situation with avenues that are blocked. For instance, in school you’re constantly hitting C’s. Subconsciously or even consciously you could be thinking, I’m only getting C’s, I’m not good enough or smart enough to get A’s. With this mindset, it may lead you to having a lot of self-doubt and then underperforming when you could most likely do better.

An open mind would be a better option to have rather than a closed one even though it may be daunting and slightly scared because you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. You are trying to find the best possible lesson you can learn from something you may not be interested in the first place. By having such a positive mindset, it can be tiring but also very rewarding as you can constantly grow and possibly achieve a great deal more. 

- Written by Himal