Here are 6 reasons why you should start a business while you're in school:


1. Nothing to lose

You really have nothing to lose!  So why not start a business? If it works you will become a millionaire and if it doesn’t, at least it will be a fantastic learning experience. All you have to give up is watching Game of thrones. Most businesses these days can be started without money and even if it is a capital intensive business, the only thing you might lose is a little bit of money that you put in to start the business. The money you have right now will probably be sitting in the bank doing very little for you in the next few years as you don’t have a family to run,  need to buy a house or spend on a luxury car. So might as well risk it to doing something bigger.

2. Time

Yes, you have heaps of studying to do but, unlike a full-time job, at university you get days off and a lot of time between classes which you can use to run a business. At high school you’ve got a bit of time if you’re well organised. Especially with businesses being run on the internet these days, all you need is a good laptop/phone. So when you’re taking a break, you can sneak in to check on sales or reply to customers.

3. Free resources

Use or abuse your student card! Either to get resources from your high school/university or from other organisations which give student discounts. For example, using the university library as an office or meeting rooms and using the university’s free legal help to incorporate your company. You can even use your teachers at high school as sources for knowledge. If you start thinking creatively, there are a lot of things offered by university and high school which you can use to help kick start your business.

4. Finding help

People love helping! Especially when you are young and just a student. This can really help you get sales meetings or access to business mentors. Just email them saying, 'I am a student trying to start a business, I would love your advice'. More often than not, people would be inclined to help you over a grown up person in the real world.

5. Network

While running a business, you will meet A LOT of people on the way as customers, investors or competitors. This is a great way to build your network, especially helpful if in the future you want to get a job at a particular place, you will know the right people to connect with.

6. Find your purpose

This is my favourite! Hopefully, you are going to do your business around something you are passionate about in the first place, a hobby or something related to what you are studying currently. If you can make your business work and make a living out of it, then you have cracked 50% of the purpose of life - to make money and pay bills. 

Find your Purpose.

Find your Purpose.

~Written by Shahed


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