Today is the 1st of August, 2016. Your life as a high school student is slowly coming to an end. You wait anxiously like a caterpillar ready to come out of it's cocoon and leave it's old life behind, but there is one thing between you and your freedom.

It's daunting presence is at every turn but every direction you look in, there is something that will continue reminding you of your exams, like this article right here. 

The parents: “Make sure you study hard!”

The teachers: “You should be preparing for your exams!”

The friends: “We should probably start studying ey”


Bottom line is, now is the time that you put your head down, your face in to a book rather than Facebook and hustle like you’ve never hustled before because whether you like it or not, that number that you receive at the end of the year will label you for the rest of your LIFE.


ALRIGHT it’s not that serious but it is confronting knowing most of high school has prepared you for your year 12 exams and how well you do in them will be part of the proof of what it’s worth.



I won’t go in to too much about your end result, but instead let you know what you should be doing right now to ensure you make the most of the year and achieve your best possible result. With little over 2 months to go, here’s what you should be doing to prepare for your exams:


1.     Eliminate Distractions

You’ve got less than 4 months until year 12 is over, you can afford to spend time off social networks and away from the partying. You’ve got to make a few sacrifices if you intend to achieve outstanding results.


2.     Practice Exams

If you haven’t already, commence the beginning of your pile of practice exams. Some subjects do not require too many practice exams such as Physics and Math subjects as you’ll find the more practice exams you do, the easier it gets because you’ll find similar questions reoccurring. For writing subject tips, refer to our previous article, ‘How to improve in English’.


3.     Seek Feedback

If you haven’t sought feedback, approach your teachers and devise improvement plans that will get you the extra marks in your exams. Every mark counts! It may determine whether or not you are accepted in to your desired course.


4.     Stay Healthy

It is critical that you maintain your health during these last few months as you don’t want to lose out on precious time. Eat your fruit and veggies; you can go on a McDonald’s binge after your last exam. In addition, make sure to get plenty of exercise to relieve yourself of stress and anxiety and don’t fall victim to Year 12 weight-gain.


In summary, the day you walk out of school, aim to leave without any regrets. If you haven’t had a good year so far, there is still time to change it and come out with commendable results. You’ve got the potential in you to put your head down and work! You’ll reap the benefits later.

Yours truly,