Yes, you read that right. You ATAR doesn't matter. Zilch, zero, nada. Well, maybe a little. But not as much as everyone says it does. Your ATAR is not the be all, end all of your entire education. Neither does this number define your life. So don't let the thought of your ATAR consume you; just try to achieve the best you can. Here are 4 reasons why it doesn't matter.


This is the big pressure. Pressure from your family, pressure from your teachers, pressure from your friends and, especially, pressure from yourself. Some of you (like myself) may have Asian parents, who have these extremely high standards of you. Other times it's the expectations placed upon you by friends, teachers and yourself.

So, why do you want your goal ATAR? Is it because everyone has put undue expectation on you, or do you really want to achieve the best that you can? If you don't want it for yourself, then why are you pursuing it?

What do you really need?

If the course you need does not require an amazing ATAR but instead has much more weighting on something extra, like a folio, then it's worth focusing on the folio rather than your ATAR. These extra items are probably worth more than the four-digits.

For example, an amazing folio will often outweigh a great ATAR with a mediocre folio. You need to know, what do you really need? Because if there're other items you need to focus on, there's no point concentrating only on your ATAR.

University is not for everyone

Let's face it, we run this blog to help you achieve the best that you possibly can, to help you achieve that high ATAR if you want it. But for some people, if they truly know what they want, and it's not university or does not require an ATAR - then why undertake this task?

Wouldn't it be better to instead to focus on your career path, to look for apprenticeships, or TAFEs or a lining up a job. If you truly, really know what you want to be, and if it does not need an ATAR, then your time is better spent achieving your goals to reach your desired path!

No one cares after you graduate

No really, this was one of the biggest things that stuck out to me.

After you went through hell and back, and achieved this number. After this, no one cares.

Not a single person has asked me ever since I went to university. This number is does not prove anything except for how well you did in your exams according to an examiner. So once you get one, look at it, celebrate/lament, move on.

Even so...

Now with all these reasons about why your ATAR doesn't matter, I would say to still try your best. After all, I'm betting many of you don't know what to do next with your life. An ATAR is one of those things in which the higher you get, the more doors you open. And for someone who may not know, more open doors= more pathways.

One thing is for sure, do it for yourself, not for anyone else. You have to make the decision yourself whether it's worth it. Because after all, if you do it for the sake of others and not yourself, you will hate it.

Do it for yourself and you will be able to achieve your very best.

- Mark c: