Okay, now to the icky, terrible problem, each and everyone of us face: The crushing guilt from getting distracted whilst studying or rather the absence of that guilt which makes us panic even more. 

Getting distracted from homework & procrastinating, let’s just be honest here, we have all been there, done that. Truth is, we have all gone on tumblr slash/ youtube/ continue binging on addictive tv shows whilst our work just sits lonely in a terrifying pile. 

Admitting to procrastination is not a big deal, tackling it is the difficult issue. 

{ You know, what is ironic is that, in preparation for this post, I was on tumblr searching #hashtag procrastination to find something inspirational. } 

But what I gathered from scrolling & scrolling through the posts is just

Get your everything together & just do it. 

And how to do so? 

1) Set a 15 minute timer on your phone or computer and begin on a particular task you wish to finish that night. Those 15 minutes allows you to build a little momentum! Once those 15 minutes are up, set another half-hour block. AND, BOOM. You have just done 45 minutes of solid work. You feel exceedingly good about yourself. Take that step and times it by a few more times, you would finish everything you set out to do!

This is a strategy that works really well for me, because, you know, brains get tired easily. 

2) Tell your friends what you’re going to do tonight in terms of homework/study. If you share what you are going to do, it inspires a little omph and motivation in whoever you tell it to! And I think, that is in essence whatYear 12 is about: Getting inspired and feeding off each others’ energy. 

Also, through that simple conversation of just saying: I am going to do this, this & this. It’s like making a mini pinky promise to them & most importantly, yourself that ‘hell yeah, I am going to do it!” 


So, I am hoping you guys are feeling somewhat psyched and excited. 

Let’s move on to discuss the intricacies of Context study.

Many of you in English will be approximately half-way through your context study. 

Today, I shall be focusing on Encountering Conflict: Life of Galileo in particular. 

How to dissect and tease apart the complexity of prompts can be tricky at times… So, let’s do one together! 

  Until tested by conflict, a person never knows

WHO they truly are. 



Conflict is the grey area between two opposing points. Opposition of ideas, ideologies and fundamentals. *Insert your own thoughts here!* 

You want to define the phrase ‘tested by conflict’. Does it mean to be emotionally, physically or psychologically tested? Is it all three? Do you wish zoom in and discuss what happens to the human mind when one’s fundamental values are shaken? 

In Life of Galileo, the flawed scientist undoubtedly suffers from great inner turmoil. The very idea of torture after being shown the instruments reveals his feelings of fear. Which is a feeling that universally resonates with every human being. 


In this case, the word WHO provokes further discussion. 

What constitutes as a human? 

Is it our body? Is it our mind? Our ability to reason and accept. Galileo Galileo notably states that ‘Thinking is one of the chief pleasures of the human race.’ 

Descartes’s dualism theory posits that our mind and body are separate. The relationship between the mind and the body is an area you could delve into.

How does our attitudes and ideologies underpin our choices? 

One of the predominant themes in the play is individual versus Society. 

Research political, social activists who have stood up against repressive regimes. Further research into the author of the play and current affairs provides a wealth of inspiration for you to use! 

Remember, a human being is never one dimensional.  Identity is a multifaceted construct shaped by social forces! We all possess different ways of thinking and attitudes. However, conflict forces an individual to re-evaluate and prioritise what values are crucial. After one is tested by conflict, what is left of an individual is the very essence of their character! So, delve into the aftermath when your core values are challenged. 


  • Rewriting the prompt in your terms. ‘A person never knows who they truly are, until they are tested by life adversities.’  'Journey of self-discovery requires mistakes and regret.' 
  • You want to define the key terms in your own interpretation. Never underestimate the power of your opinion. There is no right or wrong answer. 
  • Select the themes most relevant to the prompt. And of course, the themes you enjoy discussing!! 

Let us know if you guys like these sorts of subject specific posts! 

- Amanda