Sometime during VCE, there may come a time when you just want to…give up. Maybe it’s because of an unexpected bad score, some friendship problems or even just a random shift into a negative mentality. Whatever it is, it kick starts a chain of bad test results and being unmotivated to do anything at all.

You begin to question why you’re even doing this, why you’re doing the subjects you’re doing and where it will lead you. And you wonder if you even want to go to where it leads. And you ask yourself, what do I actually want to do? Why don’t I know yet? Everyone else seems to have a plan but you’re still so clueless.

And then you rationalise: But if I do these subjects and get a good ATAR then I’ll have more options open to me at the end of Year 12. And I’ll surely know what I want to do by then, right? But I’m doing so badly on all my SACs anyway. I’m going to get a terrible score. I’m never going to get anywhere. What is even the point anymore?

You can’t bring yourself to feel motivated or have a positive outlook on your studies. You get more and more disheartened after every disappointing test result and you begin to dread going to school. You live in your own negativity and bask in your feeling of helplessness. Even the thought of seeing your friends and hanging out with them at recess and lunch doesn’t excite you. Because you truly, truly think that you’ve dug yourself too large of a hole that you can’t get out; even if you get 100% on the rest of your SACs and your exam, you’re still going to end up nowhere.

But you’re wrong. During VCE bad things, the disappointments are inevitable. You may even fall into this slump where the bad things never seem to end. But you have to remember that even though these bad things happen, good things happen too. And if this slump seems to be lasting forever then that only means that the good things are waiting to come.

It may be an unexpected good score, a resolved friendship problem that’s been weighing you down or a shift back into a positive mentality. Whatever it is, your grades start to improve, you begin to feel hopeful again and excited to go to school. You realise that not all hope is lost; you can bring yourself back from the bad scores you received during your slump if you work hard enough. And you realise that it’s okay to not know what you want to do yet. There are probably so many other people who don’t know either. Your future isn’t decided by your ATAR or the university course you get into. You’re in full control of what you want to do and you can find your own path there when you find out what that is.

So don’t lose yourself in The Slump. Persist and know that whatever you’re going through, it's only temporary. As cliché as it sounds, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

-     Anna :>