It is now August and stress, anxiety and worries from A-Z would be electric in classrooms and study areas. 

But know this, You’re doing a great job so keep working at it. 

At this point in time, it’s Thursday night. It is a miserably cold night in Melbourne.  Perhaps some of you have a SAC tomorrow or y'all be doing practice papers. Some of you may be at part-time jobs and extra-curriculuar commitments. 

 You’re busy and your calendar has seemingly taken a mind of its own. It has been marking more red crosses on each little box. 

But you can afford 15 minutes. All to yourself. 

First step

Have a glass of warm water/hot chocolate/ *insert your favourite drink* to sip. 

Let’s begin. 

Go on a lil pixel animated adventure at the touch of your cursor!

This little gem of a website describes itself as an ‘interactive audio-visual journey’. So, I went on this little journey to essentially distract my mind for a short period of time. Sometimes, you need a break away from your notes and clear your head. The colours and graphics of the website are also quite mesmerising!

An app that provides you with a guided 10-minute meditation exercise each day. Pure genius. All we have to do is tap, Install and relax. And no, one does not require a yoga mat for this meditation exercise. ;) I trialled whilst sitting at my study table and it worked! 

In need of the perfect susurrations?

Click the links down below! I think we tend to associate certain background noises such as crackling fireplaces and rain drops with serenity and calmness. So, I often pair these background noises with writing essays or creating notes. ☔


Last step: Sleep, recharge and re-energise. 

It is so important to take care of your mental wellbeing and cultivate a positive outlook on studies! So, treat yourself. 

- Amanda