Ever wanted to wake up early and perhaps get a few things done and also not have to rush in the morning to go to school?


The problem isn’t with you not being able to get up early at say, 6am. You can get up at that time, but only with sufficient sleep. In other words, you’d have to be in bed earlier than usual. 10pm would be a decent time to go to sleep for a 6am wake up.


But does that happen?


More often than not, NO.


Why? Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, your SO, your special friend that you talk to all the time that everyone thinks your dating but you’re not, are all too intriguing and too great of a temptation and so you indulge in them.


Once your alarm goes off at 6am, you won’t even lift your head from the pillow, and you’ll move your hand from under your pillow, hover it over your alarm and hit the snooze button. You need to charge.


Of course, a lot of people do this but the worst thing is when this routine of sleeping late and going to school feeling drowsy and lethargic becomes routine. You might not have done much but you’ve indirectly tortured your body through poor sleeping patterns.




You can sleep early because you can wait to see how many likes you got on that new insta pic you posted at 9pm in the morning just before you head off to school.


Otherwise, you’d be like any other smart phone with low battery; slowly your data; the ability to connect to your knowledge will be switched off to preserve battery along with the brightness of your beaming smiley face. At 5% you’ll then be turned on to airplane mode and try to autopilot your way back to bed so you can scroll through your newsfeed waiting to repeat this all over again.


- Himal