You made a mistake, an error, some sort of wrongdoing. As a result, blood rushes to your face, the capillaries are working overtime. A throbbing pain decides to sit right behind your eyes, you already feel an impending migraine. No doubt, the headache is exacerbated by a mish-mash of noradrenaline, cortisol and bitter disappointment. Maybe, this 'mistake' came in the form of a disappointing SAC mark according to your standards. Perhaps, it was a rift with family or friends. 

We all had days that feel like a miserable, grey blot. Days where things that had the infinitesimal chance of going haywire actually became a mess. 

Maybe, some of us are having that kind of day right now. 


Do not unnecessarily criticise yourself.

Sometimes, I do believe the greatest source of criticism comes from our own mind. So, feeding into a mess of negativity will kickstart a cycle of self-effacing attitudes and thoughts. Which only invites bad vibes and toxic emotions . Your heart does not need or WANT to hear you say 'I suck', 'I am not good enough', 'so full of inadequacies compared to x & so'. 

Constructive criticism and tough love is necessary medicine and OMPH to make us grow! However, try not to correlate your self-worth and character to a numerical grade on a report. 

As students, we have this misconstrued expectation that we must be 'perfect'. The grading system has taught us that effort materialises itself as >A (grade) / 95%. At times, we may fall short of set goals. In those times, use your disappointment as energy that will propel you forward!

What we tend to gloss over is the journey to REACH that pinnacle of academic excellence. That journey is riddled with ink, practice exam papers, (a few) politely declined event invitations and 'AHA, I GET THIS!' moments. Of course, determination and unadulterated concentration underpins this slightly agonising experience. 

Drake's SNL

Drake's SNL

So, instead of daydreaming about that four digit number (atar), focus on expedition that you are undertaking. It will lead you to that December morning anyway. After all, you're the captain. So, why don't you decide how you are you going to get there? 

Following my TERRIBLY cheesy analogy of ships, you must abandon all those incessant thoughts about being 'inadequate' or 'a failure'. You do not need that excess worry from previous sac marks. 

Art © 2016 by HotCheeto89

Art © 2016 by HotCheeto89

There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don't expect yourself to do so. 

- Unknown

You've done hard work for the past 12 months, now it's time to amp up your effort and show VCAA what you're made out of. And most importantly, show yourself how golden you are. 

Right now, remember to give yourself some love and sustenance to ensure you do not burn out. 


Anna likes Hamilton's Non-Stop


 Cash Money Heroes's I MADE IT

"It makes me feel accomplished lmao" 

Himal likes David Guetta's Work Hard Play Hard

Champion- Chipmunk & Chris Brown


Ne yo's Let's go

Mark likes Blink 182's No Future


Justin Timberlake's Not a bad thing

"okay it might be slightly depressing sounding in lyrics but the music is quite up beat." 

Amanda likes Fall Out Boy's Young Volcanoes


 Panama Wedding's All of The People


Due to upcoming exams, the TQ team have decided to post once a week now. So, watch this space every Monday! 

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