The worst part of my day in all the days I travel to uni, which is not much at all (three out of five days of the week) is the actual travelling. For some unexplained reason that I think someone out there should write a thesis on, travelling on Public transport for an hour or more on those days makes me insanely fatigued.

Here’s how my day usually starts.

On a good day, I get up an hour before I need to leave for uni, toss and turn, complain about being tired for a good 10 minutes and then proceed to blink a few times, roll sloth-ily over to the side of my bed and open my blinds to have sun rays beaming through each of the gaps. I slowly proceed to zombie walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth etc. Next, I’ll throw on the standard Uni student outfit; (shirt, chinos and jacket) then have a light breakfast, stretch a bit, hook up my ear phones and walk to the bus stop. From there I’ll catch a bus, train and then tram to get to uni which totals to around an hour and bit on public transport.


What generally happens less frequently than I’d like it to, I’ll have a bad day. My mother would slowly open my door and tell me in a low-key irritable voice that I’m late to uni. To which I would respond, “Yeah yeah I’m up” and this time I ONLY complain about being tired for about 5 minutes while stretching and yawning in bed. From there, I’ll have a short shower to wake me up so I don’t look like I’ve died and been resurrected overnight, and to save time I brush my teeth in the shower, get out within 4 minutes as if Australia was in a terrible drought, piece together standard Chinos, T-shirt and hoodie combo and have an UP&GO on the train to uni.


It’s either one of the two types of days that occur for uni. However, the biggest, most frustrating and confusing aspect of the day is how tired I get from just travelling on public transport. My friends and I share this feeling empathetically, especially when we have to travel all the way to the city to attend uni. I once had to go to uni for a 15 minute meeting and travel all the way back home. Essentially, I was at uni for not even a sixth of the time that I was travelling on that day. When I got home, I was exhausted and felt like I had a full day of classes.


I really wish someone out there would find a cure or something to prevent this fatigued and lazy repercussion. Either that or it’s two and a half years of torture. To those that have it worse, I commend you on your effort and dedication since I barely survive three out of five weekdays and only twelve contact hours.

Legit every day on the bus

Legit every day on the bus

Written by Himal