The shift from high school to University can be quite drastic. Don't get me wrong, it is a refreshing change that is full of fun and a tiny bit of stress! So, today, my friend, Mathy and I shall be detailing our morning routines on a typical Monday morning. 

Amanda: Honestly, one would think that after eight months of uni life, I would be somewhat wiser that procrastination is the sole destroyer of deadlines. 

What I HAVE learnt in no particular order: 

  •  The best place to stand on the tram. Before attending University, I never went into Melbourne city to explore or shop. So, in the first few months, taking the tram was a very novel experience for me. 
  • Standing Room’s hot chocolate is the perfect pick-me-up in between lectures. 
  • Don’t burn a hole in your wallet for sushi and bento boxes. ALL of those $2.80 sushi rolls and $12 bento boxes adds up to an amount I do not wish to calculate.

Ever since, I started uni, I developed a love-hate relationship with Monday mornings. For both semester one and two, I decided to deliberately enrol into an 8am tutorial. To be fair, there are quite a few positives that balances out the negatives! ;)  The positives of waking up for a 8am class include pink-lilac sunrises (#instagrammable), quiet train/tram rides and seeing your gal pals! (The same friend who agreed to enrol into an 8am class with me. Bless her. :”) ) 

However, the process of waking up at 5:45am can be somewhat agonising. In a mildly irritated and sleepy state, this is how my early mornings play out.

1. Instinctively, my body clock rings at 5:40am. However, I would tell myself five more minutes which inevitably becomes ten minutes and a rush of panic forces me to roll out of bed. 

2. Brush my teeth, brush hair and brush through my eyebrows with brow mascara.

3.  The standard uni get up= Turtleneck + jeans + coat 

4.  I then fill my tummy with a breakfast of milo and cereal. 

5. Draw on winged liquid eyeliner. Who knew that drawing a line on my lids would give this strange omph of confidence. Well, to be fair, it helps to make me look more 'awake'! The process of drawing a little wing is also pretty fun. ;) 

6. Dash out of the house, get to the station and officially begin my day. 

On early Monday mornings, I like to listen to a playlist of songs that are mellow and relatively calm. Gotta save the more intense, body-rolling kind of songs for the ride back home. 

Some favourites include: 

Oh Wonder- Live Wire 

Panama Wedding- All the people 

gnash- empty now 

gnash- get well soon

On occasion, I would listen to the audio file of a lecture and take down notes! 

7. 8AM PSYCH TUTORIAL -> LECTURE + 2-hour TUTE -> STUDY (aka do readings) -> TUTE

8. Time to go back home (*cough* I am completely and utterly guilty of frequenting Sephora, Mecca and Robinson's bookshop far too many times.) 


She Knows- Ne-yo


Often -The Weeknd 

6-inch heels- Beyonce ft. The Weekend 

She Way Out - The 1975

10. Arrive back home and study/watch dramas/do assignments! 

Without further ado, Mathy shall tell you about her morning routine! 

Personally, I find that Monday mornings are simultaneously the hardest and the easiest of the week. Hardest because I have to leave the comforts of my bed so early in the morning, but easiest because I get to spend it with close friends in the same class while enjoying other small things along the way.

1. Unlike some people who are blessed with an instinctive body clock set for 5:45 am (*cough cough* Amanda), I set my alarm for 4:45 am. This initial alarm acts as a warning, preparing my mind and body to leave the warm comforts of my bed within the next half an hour.

2. I set the next alarm for 5:15 am and give myself that half an hour gap period to think about the day ahead and slowly wake myself up. Brush my teeth and wash my face. Fix myself a yummy light breakfast! Usually this consists of toast and a spread of some sort, along with fruit and water.

3. Pack my lunch and rummage the cupboards for snacks that I can entertain myself with for the day coz food is lyfe<..I am pretty lazy when it comes to packing my bag the night before for uni due to the insane number of textbooks and folders I have for the subjects I do and because I literally want nothing to do with uni by the time I finish studying for the night. As a consequence, I take a bit of time to go through my timetable and figure out what I need to pack in the morning. If I’m feeling kind to myself, I sometimes create a list of what I need to pack on the Sunday night and leave it on my desk.

4. I am one to choose comfort over appearance so I usually throw on a pair of trackies, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. Sprint to the bathroom, brush through the tangled nest that has formed in my hair overnight, swap my glasses for my contacts if I’m really feeling up for it. Do my eyeliner. The reason why I list this one separately, is because it’ll take anywhere between 2-5 minutes to do and when it’s done well, WOW it can seriously make a world of a difference to my day :’) I always do this last because 1) I get to see myself one last time in the mirror looking awake and ready to tackle another day of uni, and 2) somehow drawing the perfect line on my eyelids equates to a boost in confidence.

 :)5. 5555.5.Run to the bus stop, speed walk if I have a few minutes to spare.

6. This is the probably the part of my Monday mornings that I love the most prior to reaching uni.  I get to sit on a nearly empty bus for anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour, listen to my music, and look outside the window as the sun rises and slowly changes colours in the sky. If I’m still not awake by the time I get to uni, I grab myself a Toblerone flavoured hot chocolate from Castro’s Kiosk (Best hot chocolate on campus hands down!!) and then head to my 8 am tute.

Things that I have learned/would change: I would probably save myself a lot of time and panic in the mornings if I took an extra ten minutes after studying to pack my bag the night before. That would mean a whole extra ten minutes of sleeping :. #Bless up.  

If you’re anything like me and you enjoy a quiet morning, sit at the back of the bus. Most people like to stick to the front seats in the morning and they tend to get crowded fast, whereas the back seats tend to remain relatively empty. Like Amanda, I also deliberately enrolled myself in an 8 am class. No better way to start off a long week ahead than spending the first few hours with a great group of friends and warm hot chocolate. 

- Amanda & Mathy :)