Our TQ team are all heading in to second year uni after a challenging but rewarding first year. We figured we should share our 2 cents as it may save you a lot of stress and anxiety during your first semester!

1.     Beware second/third Week escalation

From: http://kclegacypress.com/archives/5215

From: http://kclegacypress.com/archives/5215

In the first week of university, you might find it relaxing and laid back and it may seem like the opportune moment to step on your back foot. However, be extremely cautious; before you know it, your first assignments will come out and you’ll be under the pump trying to complete them whilst keeping up with the week’s lectures and tutes. It is not difficult at all to fall behind!


2.     Make friends in your tutorials!

Often, the person sitting next to you in your first tute is most likely in the same boat as you. They may not know anyone else in the tute and they most likely haven’t begun adjusting to uni life. So don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation and make connections with people.

This also comes in handy when your subjects have group assignments. Working with someone you’re familiar with may assist in the completion of the assignment. However, don’t be afraid to work  with new people as they may help you see things from a different perspective!


3.     You may lose friends :(

The sad reality is, many people may lose strong bonds with high school friends when they come to uni. It’s not the same 9-3:15 day anymore where you get to see your friends before school, at recess, during lunchtime and after school. It’s hard to keep the friendship going without the constant contact, especially if you’re at different universities.

However, you may find you still maintain strong bonds with many friends from high school which is fantastic and tells you that they weren’t just your friends because they were with you every day, but because you genuinely enjoy each other’s company and want to spend time together.




Hopefully our 2 cents will make it easier for you to settle in to first year uni :)

Good luck for 2017 from the TQ Team <3

Written by Himal