Our day-to-day lives are a kaleidoscope of classes, part-time jobs and brunch dates. Whilst I love seeing the lovely faces of my friends and yakking away about what the universe has in store, I sometimes find myself wanting time alone. 

When I first

started uni, your girl here signed up for 8am psychology tutorials for both semester 1 and 2. In retrospect, it was definitely self-inflicted misery when the mercury dipped below 11. But nonetheless, I started to enjoy the process of taking the 6:45am train full of empty seats.

Likewise, when my 6:15pm lectures ended, I would always secretly look forward to the walk towards Melbourne Central station. Truth be told, there’s absolutely nothing spectacular about the walk. I wish I could tell you about the great revelations found in moments of solitude. 

BUT, I have none! 

Most of the time, my stomach was basically eating itself and I just loved drinking in the sight of restaurants lighting up and pink sunsets. 

I suppose, I stumbled upon one epiphany: I like being alone at times. Detaching from my phone and the reality of a study desk is just so rejuvenating. So, starting from today, I will embark on some meditative exercises to find some calm and inner peace. A few nights ago, I found a youtube video that focuses specifically on breathing: You would pace your inhalation with the unfurling of a triangle which eventually morphs into an octagon. I did the meditative exercise for about five minutes before going to sleep and I felt strangely content.

In this era of fleeting distractions and constant notifications, doing absolutely nothing for ten minutes and re-centering seems like a good idea. Theoretically. I will pop back in two weeks time to see if I find 'inner zen' through various meditation apps and videos! 

In fact, would  Y O U like to join me too? 

P.S If you have been doing meditation, please enlighten a novice like myself!! Share all of your knowledge and experiences! 

Off to finish my readings, 

Amanda ♡