It’s the 21st of March and already I have been faced with more challenges than I can count. 

I am certain that some of you feel this way too.


School is throwing assessments at you left, right & centre, you are trying to stay fit on top of trying to fit in time for your family and friends. You might even be dealing with a few more personal issues, and 


are expected to manage it all and keep your head above the water. At times, it can becoming overwhelming and stressful so below I have listed down a few ways you can manage this stress.

1. Write it all down

All the thoughts and emotions that you have running through your mind, write it down. Clearing your mind helps you to think clearly. 

2. Write a To-Do-List

Write down all the tasks that you have to do so you have it clearly in front of you and you can better prioritise your time. 

For more info on prioritising, take a look at our previous article:

3. One Step at a Time

*cue Jordin Sparks*


Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you’ve spent an hour stressing over something when you could’ve just taken action and got the task done?

Just take everything one step at time. Worrying about all the things you have to do at once can be quite overwhelming and you may end up accomplishing nothing. 

4. Sleep

Get a good night’s rest. Having enough natural energy to operate throughout the day is essential to keeping your mind healthy and in productive mood. 

5. Breathe

This is by far my personal favourite out of all ways to combat stress.

You’ll find that when you are anxious or stressed, thoughts are running through your mind at roadrunner speeds. Taking long and deep breaths slows down the pace of your breathing and hence the pace of your mind.

Afterward, you'll feel calm and you’ll have sharper focus.

Try it now!


There are many different ways of dealing with stress and, in all honesty, you’ve got to do what works for you. The above few are examples that I find are quite helpful and I hope they work for you!

Written by Himal