Okay, I’m going to live my inner beauty/lifestyle guru dream for this article because, frankly, I can  (and also my brain cannot think of anything school or study related to write about today - if you came here expecting some study tips you will probably want to skip this article and come back on Thursday. I won't take any offence!). I'll be going through some things that I have been loving this past month, ranging from skincare to music - you can consider them all recommendations, and maybe you will even learn something about me! 


1.     Klairs toner

faves 1.jpg

First, I’m starting off with a skincare product that was recommended to me by my sister. In case you don’t know, toners are typically used after your cleanser in order to re-balance the pH of your skin. I have only recently started to incorporate toners into my skincare routine so I have yet to try out a large range, but this Klairs toner is by far my favourite of everything I have tried. Firstly, it doesn’t dry me out and is actually rather moisturising, which is always a plus for me! It’s also very economical in that it doesn’t require a cotton pad to apply – I just pour some out onto my fingers and gently dab it onto my face. Also, the scent reminds me of the spa/hot springs so it’s very calming – I love it so much that I’ve incorporated it into both my morning and night routine!


2.     Decjuba ripped knee jeans

faves 7.jpg

About a month ago I realised that I had stopped wearing any of my jeans. I guess I just realised they were all either ill-fitting or really uncomfortable and I figured, having worn loose flowy pants with elasticised waistbands all summer, that I wasn’t about that tight jeans life anymore. I set out to revamp my jeans collection which is how I came to pick up these jeans from Decjuba. They aren't too tight-fitting and has rips at the knees and a mullet hem - they are comfortable and stylish, and I've been wearing them non-stop since I've gotten them. My go-to outfit with them are a basic tee and my trusty slides!

3.     Camelbak bottle

faves 5.jpg

Okay so this isn’t a new favourite; I have used this bottle for about two years now, but I recently bought a new one to replace my old one, so that counts right? When I first got a Camelbak Eddy bottle, it took a while to get used to the nozzle – you have to bite on it in order for the water to come out. Sounds weird, I know, but the advantage is that you don’t have to tilt the bottle at all – the nozzle acts as a straw in a way, except you don’t even have to suck on it; the water comes up on its own once when you bite it! I find that I drink so much more water when I am using my Camelbak because it is so convenient to drink from!


4.     Cosrx cushion/Revlon concealer combo

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With my acne prone skin, I am always on the lookout for a foundation that 1) has good coverage to cover breakouts/scars and 2) doesn’t break me out. The Cosrx Clear Fit Blemish Cushion ticks both of these boxes and more – it contains natural antioxidants and antiseptics, anti-aging, brightening and skin-healing ingredients AND has SPF 47. Basically, it’s skincare as well as foundation, and I’ve been pairing it with the Youth FX Concealer by Revlon this month to get my perfect base. The concealer is light to medium coverage and makes my under-eyes look bright and hydrated and doesn’t cake/break up throughout the day.


5.   Poet|Artist by jonghyun

faves 8.jpg

If anyone knows me, they know that I love Kpop and that my favourite group is SHINee. Last December, one of the the members of SHINee, Jonghyun, passed away and when the news broke out, I just…couldn’t believe it. I was devastated, and struggled to accept the fact that he was really gone. This January, the solo album that he had just finished recording before the incident was released posthumously, and when I plucked up the courage to listen to it...hearing his voice for the first time since last December really struck a chord. It really helped me to accept what had happened and made me appreciate his music even more. Go listen to it here.


6.     Harry~

To finish off on a lighter note, I got a cat!  

faves 4.jpg

Need I say more?


This type of article may become part of a series called Miscellaneous Mondays where I and the other TQ members will write articles that won't necessarily have anything to do with school, study or student life - hopefully it will keep things interesting and you can learn more about us!

Written by Anna :>