With a new year comes the opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed. While new year resolutions are notorious for only lasting the first few weeks of the year, we thought it was worthwhile to make some study/university specific goals that we could carry throughout the semester. 

Himal resolves to...

1. Increase my WAM this sem - I've made it a resolution each sem to try and increase my weighted average mark (WAM). Ultimately, this will ensure that I'm always trying to beat my personal best and attempting to reach new heights. Basically, I'm trying to find ways to not let myself get distracted while I'm studying so I can be effective in achieving results.

resolution 1.jpg

2. Stay healthy - This encompasses physical and mental health. In the past I have become ill or stressed out quite frequently and only recently after taking care of both my mental and physical health, my energy levels, overall health and fitness have been quite good.

Obviously, I'm going to have to check in with myself and see how I am actually going and try and ensure I remain level-headed throughout the semester by purposefully spending time by myself. Other than that, I'll keep hitting the gym, spending time with good company and eating healthy!

Anna resolves to...

1. Watch lectures that I've missed by the end of the week in which they were recorded.

Very badly drawn by Anna herself

Very badly drawn by Anna herself

If you were to sketch my lecture attendance throughout a typical semester of uni, it would probably resemble a wide U shape; pretty good at the beginning of the semester and then a spike at the very end of the semester when all the revision lectures are held - the middle, major portion of the graph would be sadly almost flat-lining along the x axis.

The reason for my absence from lectures are a combination of the exhausting 3 hour roundtrip commute to campus that I really can't be bothered with sometimes, work, laziness, and the all-too-convenient lecture recordings that I can access and listen to at home. Now, that's all well and good until I procrastinate and find myself with a semester's worth of lectures to listen to during SWOTVAC.  So to save myself from that unneeded stress, I will endeavour to listen to lecture recordings that I've missed in a timely manner - and to help me with this, I'll try to attend more lectures face-to-face throughout the semester too.

2. Eat breakfast

resolution 2.jpg

I love to sleep. And to get an extra few minutes of sleep in the mornings where I have 9am lectures mean that I have to cut some corners in my morning routine. Oftentimes, breakfast is the first to go because at 6am when my alarm goes off I'm not so much thinking about food than I am groggily contemplating 'do I really reaalllyyy need to go to uni today??'. Alas, I then find myself in a tutorial at 9:30am with my stomach rumbling and I can't focus on what the tutor is saying because all I can think about is food and sleep.

So in order to energise and help me concentrate in early morning classes (and to save me from wasting money on buying food in the university café/Melbourne Central food court), I will try to eat breakfast every morning. Be it an Up&Go, a small tub of yoghurt or a slice of toast, I will try to get something in my stomach before I set out to uni for the day.

Amanda resolves to...

1. Stop getting so distracted with social media. There is something inherently addictive about it!

resolution 3.png

Thing is, I enjoy the process of taking miniaturised vlog equivalents in snappy boomerangs, superzooms. I love documenting the transient moments of a coffee date , an overpriced french toast or that classic messy desk 'I'm drowning in stress' situation. The creative freedom we glean from creating another extension of ourselves is nothing but gratifying and fun. Now this all sounds far too rosy, let’s take a step back. Too often, my distracted self finds itself indulging in a downward spiral of carefully curated pictures in digestible forms. Essentially, I start lusting over things I don’t need- lipsticks, makeup, more clothes. The innocuous ‘bell’ sound with “OooH! What’s new on twitter/messenger/gmail?”

In a nutshell, I need to exercise a lot more discipline and focus.

I think I want to do a social media challenge in the very near future where I’ll delete my fave app cough insta for a month.

2. Spend more time on fitness!
For far too long, I have neglected the benefits of consistent exercise. Last December, at a YLP camp, I had to do three pushups in front a WHOLE ROOM OF STUDENTS and I could barely do two. Naturally, I was mortified at my lack of arm and core strength. So, I want to learn how to do push-ups properly and build up my stamina! Let’s try and do 5 pushups everyday.

Mark resolves to...

resolution 4.png

1. Stress Less - dealing with a course that has a heavy work load and working at the same time really put a toll on me last year. I saw my grades slip as well as me always frantically moving around like a headless chicken.

I don't intend for that to happen to me this semester. I will prioritise what actually matters and cut out things that don't matter - because the secret to doing more is to do less!

2. Intense Focus - I have a problem with procrastination. Once I actually start doing the work it's no problem - but starting is often the hardest part for me. So this semester I plan to actually work intensely and with focus.

Monday to Friday from 8:30am til 4:30pm (when I'm not at work) I will work only on uni tasks, e.g. assignments, lectures, pre-readings, quizzes, etc. This way I will get more work done while giving me more time to do the things that I want.


What are your new year resolutions for school?