As schoolwork, assignments and tests pile up - the TQ team shares their favourite places to get things done.

Disclaimer: images are not of the actual locations mentioned

Mark - 7:20AM at Ancora Imparo Way 

The early morning is probably the most peaceful and the best time to study; but it's probably the hardest time to get up at. Nevertheless, my favourite study spot is 7:20AM at my university's education building.

I grab a spot with a nice comfy cushioned bench with a small table and get to work. The small murmurs of people already there and the peacefulness of the early morning allows me to do things with a fresh and energized mind.

Plus, I'm already at uni so I can never be late to anything due to the traffic. Other pros include that if I start in the morning I can finish early afternoon, which gives me valuable time to do something I might have forgotten about that was due that day.

study 4.jpg

Amanda - 8:50AM at Arts West 

Like Mark, I enjoy an early start to the day as it gives me a small window of time to find my focus. 

I would always go to the third or fourth floor of Arts West on the Unimelb campus to find an empty table space! Usually, my classes start at 10AM or later in the afternoon, so I would utilize this time to do my readings and work on some notes. To complement the cosiness of my surroundings, I would plug in some ambient music. My favourite songs to begin my morning include: Undertow- Panama, Your favourite Song- Loote remix and Loveless Shadows by City Girl

Recently, I have been frequenting the ground floor of the Biomed library. I find their swivelly-chairs super comfortable. And there’s a real sense of collective stress and hence, solidarity within that space. I once heard someone breaking down from forgetting her laptop charger and she apparently had ‘three lectures to catch up on’. 

I also occasionally frequent to Bread Kingdom! Filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread, cosy, what’s not to love about this little quiet café? This study place is exclusively for light reading and just brainstorming ideas. 

In times of peak stress, you will find a flustered, red-cheeked me at home in the study room or in the main area of the State Library! 

study 1.png

Anna - 2:30PM at home...

There's no place quite like home for me when it comes to a good study space. I find the familiarity of the surroundings and the sound of my mum's Vietnamese drama shows and my dogs barking oddly comforting;  a lot of people would probably find it distracting but, for me, I like a little background noise when I study. 

At home I am able to sprawl my notes as far as I please across the table, listen to my lectures on x2 speed without earphones on full volume and have study snacks readily available in the next room - ultimately, I enjoy the freedom and comfort of studying at home. It is where I can focus and am most productive.

I like studying in the afternoon or at night, mostly because I don't have the willpower to get up as early as Mark and Amanda. I also like the freedom of being able to study as long into the night as I want (or need) to. 

study 5.jpg

Himal - 9PM back from the gym

Generally my days are quite packed so I prefer studying at night when I do not have anywhere else to be later on.

I sit at my desk with a drink bottle, a cup of green tea, my stationery and laptop neatly set up ready for a GG (Good Grind) with a little bit of low-fi hip hop music playing softly in the background.

I prefer to be alone when I’m studying as I love talking and wouldn’t be able to hold myself back from talking.

Ultimately, the best study sesh would be right after gym when I’m at peak performance.

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Where are your favourite places to study? :)