For the past few months, I've been waking up at 6am every single day (well, most days anyway) and the free time I get in the early morning is probably the most valuable time in my day.

To get to where I am now, however, took a few long weeks of what seemed to stretch out forever. The alarm blaring was like a knife through my heart every morning (metaphorically), and indeed it still feels like a challenge every morning.

Apart from the obvious (like sleeping early and for 8 hours) here's 4 tips for waking up early every day.

1. You won't wake up if there's no reason to


Ask yourself a question: Why am I waking up at this ungodly hour?

If the answer is because you thought it would be a good idea, or you saw an inspirational video the night before, then I hate to break it to you: You probably won't be able to get up tomorrow morning.

When you woke up early to go to a test, go to your exciting trip or go to that job interview - did it feel like it was easy to get up? Almost as if you could have woken up without an alarm?

If there's no reason to do something, then why do it? Find a reason, make it concrete and make sure it motivates you to wake up every morning.

2. Prepare the night before

This is simple, if you make it easy and convenient to get up - it makes the entire process so simple.

The night before, prepare what you're going to wear, put your textbooks/notebooks/pens in your bag, and have your lunch already set up. 

This makes the morning so much less of a chore and gets you out as soon as possible fighting that sleep inertia.

3. Set only 1 alarm

If you only have one alarm and you have a reason to get up (like getting to work/school on time) then the fear of missing that alarm will force you to wake up. Having multiple alarms gives you a safety net for when you might miss one alarm, but with each alarm you set will get further and further away from waking up at the time you originally planned to!

It might be a hard lesson - but it keeps you being honest to your motivation.

4. Take a shower in the morning

This one might be a bit divisive but, from my point of view, getting into that hot shower feels as good as hitting the snooze button and gets you refreshed for the day.

Tackle the world with your best self - not your snoozy, bed-headed, want-to-go-to-sleep self.

Mark c: