I had a 500 word Psychology assignment...

due yesterday morning at 8am. Mind you, it was quite straight forward and simple. It was literally just 5 short answer questions and the answers were given to you almost word for word in lectures.  It should've taken 3 hours but it took me roughly 8.



I ended up spending 3 hours the night before it was due finishing it off with tired, bloodshot eyes from staring at a screen playing fortnite the whole day (suck so bad, legit the only time I get a kill is when I fall off the edge of a cliff and kill myself).




It wasn’t that I left the assignment til last minute that frustrated me, but more-so that I would get distracted as I was writing it. For whatever reason, I found myself zoning out, going on my phone, playing a game, or scrolling through Facebook or Instagram every 10-15min. I'd be distracted for only a few minutes and get right back to doing my work but the issue here is, I could not get into a flow state where I could be productive. I was really rubbish at being efficient.


Even right now I stopped writing this article for a good 30min because I was having a juicy conversation with Amanda -_-"


This is all because I let my mind win. And when it wins, it takes control and goes wild. It makes me spend hours on social media when I could go to the gym or study instead. It makes me binge Netflix (Hooked on Designated Survivor - it is incredible) and it makes me take naps like all the time as if I ain’t got things to do, places to be, people to see etc. 


Perhaps your mind is winning too.


I'm going to combat this is trying to consciously be aware and focused on whatever task I am doing. If I am working out - I  am working out. If I am studying - I am studying, if I am on social media - I’m social media-ring.

Zoom in and stay focussed.

Zoom in and stay focussed.


Maybe you can try this too, or if you’ve got another way to get reign in your mind and put it where it needs to be let me know! Leave a comment below or shoot us a message on facebook.


- Written by Himal