My horoscope for May said something along the lines of exercising ‘self-restraint’ especially with money. 

Whether horoscopes are valid or just our minds falling into the illusive trap of aligning with what we want to hear will be the crux of another discussion! Thing is, my horoscopes tend to be relatively accurate. Which is equal parts fascinating and equal part, concerning. Perhaps my mind is so wired to fixating on favourable bits of my horoscope. As a psychology student, I should recognise that I am engaging in confirmation bias almost every day. But hey, I like to think that a little magic and fate exists in the constellation of words. 

The past recent weeks has been such a flurry of 3am nights (self-inflicted) , muji pens running out of ink and stress-inducing assignments. What’s new? But going back to the theme of self-restraint and moderation, I realise that I have developed a somewhat unhealthy tendency to splurge on material things or an Instagram feed of brunch… in a digestible form. Upon writing this post, I have come to the realisation that stress-induced Amanda should stay away from all kinds of online shopping. 

Kiki's delivery service

Need to budget better...


I shouldn’t be able to write a post about the things I have accumulated. But alas, I figured this could work as a sobering realisation to stop indulging in material things as a way to deal with stress. Instead of indulging in the 5-minute euphoria of buying something shiny and new. 

Let's be positive and start with the good purchases I have made with a dash of spontaneity. 

1. Girl's night out on a Monday

Watching Avengers: Infinity War on a Monday night felt somewhat cheeky and kinda self-indulgent as I really should have been studying. Nonetheless, the movie was INCREDIBLE. A raw synergy of action, emotion and just pure, unadulterated adrenalin. At the cost of $20. But I have no regrets there! No, actually I do have a regretful moment. I lost an entire bag of unopened shapes somewhere in between. Monday nights now remind me of the smell of $ 8 popcorn, discounted crisps and gal-pal reunions. 

It’s a well-kept secret that I use social media far too often. To the point that I have deleted my favourite app which is Insta!  So, I’ve been actively using a multitude of apps to counter the impulse to unnecessarily check on my phone.

  • I have been loving FOCUS! Which is a timer that breaks up my study time into productivity-filled slices.

  • Another app I use cleverly personifies productivity as a growing tree. And distraction is the tree's poison! 

Unnecessary purchases that I have made this month include 3 blushes and ... 

buying strawberry Oreos and salt and vinegar chips. Apart from the obvious satisfying of tastebuds, the allure of junk food lies in its close-knit associations of comfort and relaxation. My friend who was with me whilst I did ‘grocery shopping’ pointed out that all the items I was holding had pink packaging on them. So, did I really want Oreos or did my brain fade into nothing but a 5-year-old kid wanting something PINK? Truthfully, I just wanted the Oreos. 

Nonetheless, I feel like packaging plays an instrumental role in diminishing our self-restraint when it comes to shopping. Essentially, it’s glorified cardboard with some ingenious marketing tactics emblazoned on it. So, that is something I have to remember! I'm buying the lipstick/book/product, NOT the pretty designs on the outside. 

Best finds of the month

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 6.00.48 PM.png

Whimsical & dreamy

Perfect for as a study playlist or sleepy moods. Playing this in a dark room is pure bliss. 

I think self-restraint when it comes to shopping is something I have to improve on.  Self-love does not necessarily equate to spending money on things. This popular catch phrase of 'Treat yourself' now typically validates splurging. Maybe self-love and self-restraint can be as simple as having an earlier night instead of sleeping late or disconnecting from the digital world and focusing on the now. 

 Perhaps, I should undertake Anna's no-buy challenge

-Amanda ♡