You lay in your bed as despair sets in, you feel as if there's nothing left for you to do - what are you worth anyway? You think to yourself - what's the point of doing anything if everything I do fails?

Whether it be a failed test, a job interview, rejection from the one you like, or you didn't do as well in something you thought you were good at; we all have something that we wish we didn't fail at.

Fail hard, fail fast

Those successful people you see everyday. The ones that look like it was effortless to be as good as them. They were not always like that.

They used to be like you too - everyone starts somewhere. Behind every successful job, there have been many failed interviews - people show you their highlight reel, not their outtakes.

Learning to fail is probably the best thing to develop. At first, each failure was crippling and it set me back - but for each and every failure, it felt a little less crippling. While a set back, there was always something for me to learn, something I wouldn't have known otherwise.

This probably is hardest for those who never had to try being smart, or those who were naturally good looking, charismatic, smart, etc.


Failure sets you apart

I'm gonna say it outright. The people who fail the most are the ones more likely to be successful. It seems like an oxymoron doesn't it?

But think about it - those who face failure are doing something they don't know, doing something they may not be comfortable in.

The ones who are risk-averse never try to go for that dream girl, get that unattainable job or start that business. They just stick to where they are, scared of doing anything due to fear of failure.

Where do I go from here?

One thing that I always think to myself whenever I fail is that, life goes on.

“This too shall pass”

What are you going to do now? Where does this lead you to?

Mark c: