For some reason, every single day after uni/work I go from a reasonably alert person to becoming a shuffling zombie that can only think of sleep. I'm thinking it's the public transport. That vibration of the engine, and my mind starts slowing down - yet I can never find a comfortable spot to go to sleep.

So when I get home, after I put everything in my bag out to its rightful place I go under my bed covers and just rest (nap or no nap). My days usually start at 6am, so getting home at 6pm just wears me out. I make sure to relax and rest before dinner. This usually consists of me catching up all of my YouTube subscriptions and getting stuck down the rabbit hole of recommended videos.

I don't usually get a lot of time to relax during university/work/volunteering so I try to make the most of it when I can, waiting for that moment where I can do this every night.


After a long day of uni/work, I like to treat myself to a relaxing night that usually goes a little bit like this:

TV: After eating dinner, I like to relax and digest while watching TV. I like watching cooking shows, like Masterchef, and I’m not ashamed to admit my love for trash reality TV such as The Bachelor. I am also easily pulled into crime and hospital shows; those first two minutes do such a good job of sucking you in!

Cuddle: I have two dogs and a cat, and there’s nothing better than spending time with my little furry friends when I want to de-stress and wind down.

Shower: Yes, I’m a night shower-er, controversial I know. But what can I say? I like the feeling of getting into bed after a shower; I feel fresh and relaxed.

Skincare: My 8-step skincare routine has grown over the course of my never-ending endeavour to find the best skincare products. Some people may find the routine extensive and unnecessary, but I find it very therapeutic to go through and is a must every night!

YouTube: After all of that, I like to settle into bed and watch some YouTube subs on my phone until I feel tired. And then I’m off to sleep!



Last night, a calendar notification made a necessary appearance on the right corner of my laptop.  ‘SWOTVAC DOn’t YOU PLAY’ The ungrammatical nature of the phrase reflects my own panic and attempt at being funny.

I don’t always have a set ‘winding down routine’. I typically start my uni/work day at 7am and then come home at 8:30pm!

After studying, I would then indulge in some pampering. I would cleanse my face and use Lush's bubblegum lip scrub as a way of letting my body know that the day is almost over. Following that, I'll listen to one or two songs and do some stretching.

But my ideal routine would entail the following:

1. Putting on a face mask 


2. Re-reading Calvin & Hobbes is like going back to a forgotten happy place in my childhood. The comic strip by Bill Watterson centers on a six-year-old boy, named Calvin who has a precocious talent for masterminding pranks alongside an anthropomorphic stuffed Tiger!


3. Playing any album by City girl or In Love with a Ghost in the dark!


My days aren’t quite as demanding as my fellow TQ writers. At least for now they aren’t and so my routine generally as follows:

1.     Hit the gym

After spending a long day at uni where most of my time is actually spent traveling on public transport, or even after work, going to the gym re-energises my tired mind. It is the one place where I don’t have to engage with my thoughts; I can just focus and lift something heavy.

2.     Shower

Yes, I shower at night…it’s only because I feel unclean if I don’t and I to 'wash off the day' and get to bed feeling clean.

3.     Diary

This is more of an occasional thing that I would like to make a daily routine but I generally write down:

-       Reflections on specific events that were interesting or troublesome

-       What time I woke up, what time I’m sleeping tonight

-       What I ate and how much I ate

I’m trying to track my habits and if there should be anything that I should change.

4.     YouTube/Netflix

I generally like to catch up with all the subs on Youtube and if there isn’t anything interesting I’ll end up watching an episode or two of the Fresh Prince and slowly nod off to sleep.