To many disillusioned students - there is never ever enough time to do anything at all. There's always lectures to catch up on, classes to prepare for, readings and assignments to do. So why do we say you shouldn't work at all for an entire day?

Avoid burnout


This is the one I see the most often, especially in year 12. You feel like everyone is working at a blistering breakneck pace and you need to catch up. Sometimes it never feels like enough - and before you know it. you're a burnt up husk of who you used to be.

This is burnout. Why is it - the most successful people you know, they somehow seem to always have time to go to parties, go out, and have fun. It's cause when you're burnt out, you can't do anything. They have something going on.

Give you time to enjoy life

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Keeping your sanity within the semester is more than just being on top of your school work, but also not turning into a hermit that does nothing all day but study.

Plus, if your eventual goal after graduating is to get a job - the difference between an 85 and a 90 matters a whole lot less than what you do in other aspects (work, volunteering, projects, etc)

‘Reset' your week


This is the perfect time to get your week in order, making lists of what you're going to do, what you're going to achieve and ‘reset’ the clutter that accumulated within the week.

Whether that means cleaning your room, creating a bullet journal, or having a long think of what you see the week being - this is a good time to reflect, reset and re-emerge as a better person ;)

Plus - who doesn't want an excuse not to study at all. Here's my prescription for you: Once a week, take an entire day of no studying, and enjoy.

- Mark