At the time of writing, you're probably lying in your bed (either 12pm or 12am really) not doing anything and savouring/regretting the fact that you can do nothing right now. That the horrors of uni/school have passed you and you can do truly what you want.

But sooner or later, the threat of holiday homework and the impending doom of the start of the term/semester looms upon you. Knees weak, arms heavy, mom's spaghetti. You really should get prepped for the new term/semester ahead. Here's how.

Get digitally organised

If you're like some people I know (*cough* Anna *cough*) then your desktop is probably horrifically filled with documents, screenshots, and random other things that you never got around to deleting.

Today's the day. Just like you have to clean your room - you gotta clean your computer too. It doesn't require anything fancy - in fact it requires these 3 steps:

1. Delete/archive everything that you don't need - let's be real, you're not going to be using all the handouts that they've sent you. So just delete them all.
2. Create a folder for each and every subject you have - make sub folders for assignments, notes, handouts, and you can order them by week or topic
3. Back it up. Back it up. BACK IT UP. Put it on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, whatever - so whatever freak accident doesn't delete your work either


Get physically organised

This is where it varies for so many people. But here's your chance. Escape that entropy. Get whatever stationery you want, throw out all those useless handouts, and make sure that you know where you can get anything physical.

If you're like some people - you can scan them and put it up on your computer if that takes your fancy. That way, you have everything down on lock.


Get mentally organised

Organisation of the mind sounds like the most useless thing ever. When I first wrote it - it kinda felt like I was about to spruik you something. But this is probably the most important part of the article.

1. Let go of the unimportant stuff - half of the things you worry about probably won't matter in the grand scheme of things. So don't get too caught up in everything.
2. Habits make or break you - the people who do the best do it out of habit, make it as easy for yourself and get your habits down pat
3. Take breaks - while it may seem like you need to do everything now, you don't. Take one day out of the week to do absolutely nothing.

- Mark