1. Rest Up & Chill


You’ve probably been working pretty hard for quite a while now. Exams are coming up soon too and you’ve probably been inundated with assessments the past few weeks (and you might still be). When you can try and get in a day or two’s rest at least so you can rejuvenate and smash the rest of 2018 out of the park!

If you get the chance, hang out with a few good friends. This time of the year can be quite tough leading up to exams so support each other during the process.

2. Get some exercise


Joints and neck feeling quite tight? Feeling like you’re 30 years older than you are? Do a bit of stretching and some exercise to get those endorphins flowing. It’s likely that you’ve been staring at a computer screen for numerous hours a day and your body’s health is paying as a result of it. 

3. Study & Practice Exams

Yeah this is probably a good idea…right?

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